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A Climate Masters-South

Miami, FL 33166
A-1 24 Hour Svc Inc

Miami, FL 33166
A-1 Air & Heat Inc
PO Box 700792
Miami, FL 33170-0792
5220 NW 72nd Ave # 24
Miami, FL 33166-4858
Abraham Air Conditioning Svc
4334 SW 12th St
Miami, FL 33134-2713
Absolute Air Conditioning
1598 NE 183rd St
Miami, FL 33179-4834
Absolute Air Conditioning
2721 SW 30th Ave
Miami, FL 33133-2952
Acme Air Conditioning
7701 NW 36th Ave
Miami, FL 33147-4403
Advanced Air Conditioning Inc
14601 NW 13th Rd
Miami, FL 33167-1113
Affordable Air & Heat Inc
515 NE 190th St
Miami, FL 33179-3911
Air & Heat Unlimited Corp
6650 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33147-7530
Air 4 Less Inc
2501 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33142-7235
Air Authority Inc
19300 SW 88th Ct
Miami, FL 33157-8935
Air Comfort Control Inc

Miami, FL 33162
Air Conditioning
15815 SW 144th Ct
Miami, FL 33177-6887
Air Conditioning Man

Miami, FL 33138
Air Master Air Conditioning
3320 SW 105th Ave
Miami, FL 33165-3728
Air Mechanical Corp
14215 SW 117th St
Miami, FL 33186-8637
Air On Demand
PO Box 973085
Miami, FL 33197-3085
Air Pluto Mechanical
6320 SW 163rd Pl
Miami, FL 33193-4428
Air Tecxon Corp
12515 SW 43rd St
Miami, FL 33175-4215
Air Wizard Inc
8306 Mills Dr # 353
Miami, FL 33183-4838
Air-Con Svc
13015 SW 47th Ter
Miami, FL 33175-4551
Airguide Air Conditioning Co
4262 SW 73rd Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4547
Airko Mechanical
7250 NE 4th Ave
Miami, FL 33138-5335
Airtrol AC Co Inc
4853 SW 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4438
Alaska Air Conditioning

Miami, FL 33166
Alisaez Air Conditioning
9478 SW 146th Pl
Miami, FL 33186-1068
All Cool Air Condition Svc
2010 NW 107th St
Miami, FL 33167-3815
Allen's All-Stars
3006 Aviation Ave # 3a
Miami, FL 33133-3864
Allp Hase Air Conditioning Inc
PO Box 561511
Miami, FL 33256-1511
Altman Air Inc
12273 SW 132nd Ct
Miami, FL 33186-6478
Ameri Temp Air Conditioning
12231 SW 131st Ave
Miami, FL 33186-6401
Angel J Martin Air Cond Svc
8770 SW 72nd St # 426
Miami, FL 33173-3512
Animal Air Svc Air Cargo
2260 NW 66th Ave
Miami, FL 33122-2226
Annie's Air Conditioning Inc
6904 NW 50th St
Miami, FL 33166-5632
Arce Air Conditioning
2112 SW 60th Ct
Miami, FL 33155-2043
Armstrong Air Heating & Cool
11690 NW 25th St # 124
Miami, FL 33112-0001
Arrow HVAC & Constr Corp

Miami, FL 33147
Asion Air Conditioning & Appl
13500 SW 128th St
Miami, FL 33186-5809
Atco Air Conditioning Svc
7432 Gary Ave
Miami, FL 33141-2510
Atlantic Air Cond Refrig
7230 NW 54th St
Miami, FL 33166-4808
Aven Air Conditioning
14973 SW 65th Ter
Miami, FL 33193-2012
B & C Duct Work

Miami, FL 33186
Barrio's AC
1664 SW 9th St
Miami, FL 33135-5224
Barrios AC
1532 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135-5219
Below Zero Air Conditioning
13040 SW 81st St
Miami, FL 33183-4219
Best Service Air Conditioning
12064 SW 117th Ct
Miami, FL 33186-5201
Beta & Gamma
8360 W Flagler St # 110
Miami, FL 33144-2042
Bill Yates Air Conditioning
9021 SW 184th Ter
Miami, FL 33157-7063
Biscayne Air Conditioning Inc
659 NW 115th St
Miami, FL 33168-3339
Blue Breeze
736 NW 107th St
Miami, FL 33168-2101
Blue Breeze Air Conditioning
655 NW 118th St
Miami, FL 33168-2520
Blue Supplies
4238 SW 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4425
Bostick Contractors Svc Inc
13727 SW 152nd St
Miami, FL 33177-1106
Bradley De Moss Air Cond-Ars
18720 SW 108th Ave
Miami, FL 33157-6733
Breeze Air Conditioning Inc
9901 SW 195th St
Miami, FL 33157-8661
Brisas Del Caribe Air Cond Inc
13989 SW 142nd St
Miami, FL 33186-5560
Budget Air Conditioning
21010 NE 25th Ct
Miami, FL 33180-1034
C & R Air Conditioning Co
PO Box 681330
Miami, FL 33168-1330
Central Comfort Appliance Corp
7215 NW 41st St
Miami, FL 33166-6701
City Wide AC & Appliance Svc
20815 NE 16th Ave
Miami, FL 33179-2138
Clean Air

Miami, FL 33122
Comfort Zone Air Conditioning
PO Box 972618
Miami, FL 33197-2618
Community Air Conditioning Inc
85 Grand Canal Dr
Miami, FL 33144-2561
Community Air Conditioning Inc
19970 SW 136th St
Miami, FL 33196-1809
Complete Central Air Svc Inc
4555 SW 16th St
Miami, FL 33134-3767
Conditionedair & Associated
540 NW 165th Street Rd # 305b
Miami, FL 33169-6304
Constant Cooling Svc Inc
720 NW 200th Ter
Miami, FL 33169-2813
Cool Breeze Air Cond Corp
13120 SW 130th Ter
Miami, FL 33186-5895
Cool-Aid Air Conditioning Inc
10644 SW 185th Ter
Miami, FL 33157-0501
Cooling Power Systems
13800 SW 8th St # 205
Miami, FL 33184-3032
Costa Air Conditioning Inc
14260 SW 136th St # 6
Miami, FL 33186-6775
Dadeland Air Conditioning Inc
PO Box 430910
Miami, FL 33243-0910
Delta Air Conditioning
16222 SW 58th Ter
Miami, FL 33193-5653
Delta Air Conditioning Inc
11980 SW 144th Ct
Miami, FL 33186-8601
Delta Tech Inc
2653 NE 186th Ter
Miami, FL 33180-2624
Design Engineering Corp
PO Box 347225
Miami, FL 33234-7225
Direct Air-Conditioning Inc
12921 SW 27th St
Miami, FL 33175-2034
Discount & Payless A/C Repairs
2205 NE 210 Ter
Miami, FL 33186
Duarte Air Conditioning
600 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131-2522
Elite Cooling Svc Inc
9911 SW 4th St
Miami, FL 33174-1854
F Service & Air Conditioning
10585 SW 109th Ct # 2018
Miami, FL 33176-3309
Fanes Air Cond & Appliance Rpr
6020 NW 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33127-1110
Fasco Air Cond & Appliance Svc
7251 NE 2nd Ave # 5
Miami, FL 33138-5349
Florida Air Conditioning
Bird Rd & Coral Way
Miami, FL 33175
Florida Breeze Air Cond
16645 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33157-3442
Flow-Tech Air Cond Corp
7023 SW 13th Ter
Miami, FL 33144-5410
Gables's Air Conditioning
762 NW 76th Ave
Miami, FL 33126-2917
Good Air
20121 NE 15th Ct
Miami, FL 33179-2712
Guines Air Conditioning Contrs
PO Box 440563
Miami, FL 33144-0563
H G Refrigeration Supply
4565 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33142-4229
H Llanes Air Conditioning Corp
10621 SW 83rd Ct
Miami, FL 33156-3500
Hanen Mechanical Inc
4444 SW 71st Ave # 108
Miami, FL 33155-4658
Harper's Air Inc
1031 SW 69th Ave
Miami, FL 33144-4732
Harris Air Conditioning
1011 SW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33144-4639
Hi-Tech Air Svc
13339 SW 88th Ave
Miami, FL 33176-5933
HVAC Mechanical
10775 SW 190th St
Miami, FL 33157-7631
Ice Team Corp
3274 NW 38th St
Miami, FL 33142-5032
Industrial Building Svc
8450 NW 6th Ct
Miami, FL 33150-2547
J P Air Conditioning Inc

Miami, FL 33157
J R Air Condition Corp
8418 NW 61st St
Miami, FL 33166-3338
J T Holt Air Conditioning
19900 SW 101st Ave
Miami, FL 33157-8609
Jacaranda Air Of Miami
6600 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33147-7220
Jay-Ray Air Conditioning
10715 SW 190th St # 33
Miami, FL 33157-7630
JJK Carrier Compliance Corp
7429 NW 48th St
Miami, FL 33166-5501
John L Cheever Air Cond
8155 NW 22nd Ave
Miami, FL 33147-4803
Johnstone Supply
4196 SW 74th Ct
Miami, FL 33155-4414
Jomani Air Conditioning Contr
1000 NW 147th St
Miami, FL 33168-6942
Jorge Valido Air Cond & Refrig
15300 SW 10th St
Miami, FL 33194-2683
Kendall Appliances
13310 SW 79th St
Miami, FL 33183-4102
KWIK KOOL Air Conditioning Inc
14024 SW 140th St
Miami, FL 33186-5548
L & H Air Cleaner Inc
15715 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33157-1800
Laco Air Conditioning Inc
11510 SW 112th Ave
Miami, FL 33176-3800
Mayoli Air Conditioning
1937 SW 123rd Ave
Miami, FL 33175-1168
Mc Quay Latin America Inc
7205 NW 19th St # 408
Miami, FL 33126-1230
Metropolitan Air Cond Inc
6917 NW 50th St
Miami, FL 33166-5633
Miami Breeze

Miami, FL 33122
Miami Shores Air Conditioning
4600 SW 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4494
Miami-Dade Air Inc
12223 SW 133rd Ct
Miami, FL 33186-6427
Mister Kaouk Inc
17260 NW 2nd Ct
Miami, FL 33169-5903
Noval Air Conditioning
4705 SW 74th Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4416
One Stop Air Conditioning Svc
9661 SW 102nd Avenue Rd
Miami, FL 33176-2734
Pacific Air Cond & Refrig Corp
2191 NW 26th Ave
Miami, FL 33142-7124
Palmetto Bay Air Condition
11271 SW 181st Tr
Miami, FL 33157
Protocool Cooling Solutions
4839 SW 140th Ave # 520
Miami, FL 33175-4807
Quality Breeze Air Cond
4453 SW 161st Path
Miami, FL 33185-4939
R Palacios & Co
4973 SW 74th Ct
Miami, FL 33155-4471
REA Air Conditioning
7351 NW 7th St # R
Miami, FL 33126-2926
Regosa Air Conditioning Inc
12194 SW 131st Ave
Miami, FL 33186-6471
Reys Air Conditioning
601 NW 19th Ave
Miami, FL 33125-4515
Ricks Cooling Inc
9241 SW 57th Ter
Miami, FL 33173-1657
Roilan's Auto Svc
27 NW 57th Ave
Miami, FL 33126-4802
Ron's Air Conditioning
12191 SW 132nd Ct
Miami, FL 33186-6469
Santy's Air Conditioning
7531 NW 70th St
Miami, FL 33166-2815
Seer Air Conditioning Corp
3334 SW 22nd Ter
Miami, FL 33145-3112
Seer Air Conditioning Corp
90 SW 132nd Ave
Miami, FL 33184-1102
SGB Air Conditioning

Miami, FL 33157
Solo Air-Cond & Heating Co
8451 NW 61st St
Miami, FL 33166-3307
South Florida Air Conditioning
7329 NW 8th St
Miami, FL 33126-2921
South Miami Air Conditioning
9755 SW 76th St
Miami, FL 33173-3114
Spring Air Conditioning Inc
13501 SW 128th St # 113
Miami, FL 33186-5862
Superior Air Conditioning Corp
9200 SW 75th St
Miami, FL 33173-3211
Temptrol Air Conditioning Inc
4215 SW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4510
Temptrol Building Svc
4215 SW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33155-4510
Tesia Miami LC
9010 SW 137th St # 211
Miami, FL 33176-6806

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  • Miami Central A/C - Install
  • Uses mist to cool outdoor patios.
  • Outdoor Mist Cooling System - Service or Repair
  • Central A/C - Service or Repair
  • Most common type of AC. Includes replacements.
  • Heavy duty commercial air conditioning.
  • Swamp Cooler - Install or Replace
  • Outdoor Mist Cooling System - Install
  • Filters out dust, pollen & other particles.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Heat Pump - Miami Install or Replace
  • Heats & cools. Has outside unit like air conditioner.
  • Swamp Cooler - Service or Repair
  • Rare in homes, also called evaporative cooler.
  • Window A/C Unit - Service or Relocate
  • Use service category for remounting an existing unit.
  • Window A/C Unit - Install
  • Uses mist to cool outdoor patios.
  • Miami Refrigeration System - Install or Replace
  • Rare in homes, also called evaporative cooler.
  • Heat Pump - Repair or Service
  • Testing levels of allergens, mold and toxic substances in your homes air
  • Heats & cools. Has outside unit like air conditioner.
  • Miami Heavy duty commercial air conditioning.
  • Refrigeration System - Repair or Service
  • USA Refrigerants
  • Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Goodman AC Systems
  • Honeywell
  • Miami Jackson Systems
  • Johnson Controls
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • North American Technician Excellence
  • Miami Rheem
  • The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration NEWS
  • Trane & American Standard

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1000 Greenview Dr
Crown Point, IN 46307-5015

Crandall Heating & Air Inc
104 Birnam Ct
Greenville, SC 29615-3612

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